It was long, long ago when last I gazed on that dear face, kissed those pale wrinkled cheeks, and tried to fathom the depth of those blue eyes, in which were hidden so much goodness and love. Long ago it was when, for the last time, those aged hands blessed me. Our Grandmother is no more: for many a year she has slept beneath the cold sod. But you used to say, "Upon this earthy ball, not a soul that pleases all." If then, a few readers shall find as much pleasure in reading about you as I do in writing, I shall be content.

Joe Pot
Erich Loucka
Vanda Robot

The irresistible desire impels me here and there; I would like to bathe my brow in the fires of the sun's rays at one turn, immerse it into the depths of the sea at another, and on the pinions of the winds I would like to orbit the world! With ardent love I embrace the world; I give love to people - and they - with a pin they lacerate my heart! My veneration of love they call a sin; for my love of freedom - they crucify me, - when I speak the truth, it is evil, and if I tell a lie, they rail at me! How can I bear it? My shoulders are not titanic! I am a weak woman - I am sick, I am a sinner!